Gmail's been getting all kinds of new features over, but one upcoming addition has the potential to save you considerable embarrassment. Soon, everyone's favorite email client will be able to tell you when your grammar is askew, and even automatically correct some of your misspellings.

Similar functionality was added to Google Docs earlier this year. When composing an email, what Google takes to be grammatical flubs — say, an incorrect verb tense or the wrong homophone — will be underlined in blue. You can then right-click those words to see suggestions on how to fix them.

Note that I will be away from the office next weak week.

If you're prone to typing things like "definately" or "neccessary," your life is about to get easier. Gmail is upping its spellcheck game with automatic correction of "common spelling mistakes" — a feature that's obviously familiar from mobile typing, but is sadly uncommon in desktop settings.

No more red lines in your emails.

The new features are scheduled to be rolled out to all G Suite accounts by mid-September. Google hasn't announced availability for regular users yet, but stuff like this typically trickles down relatively quickly.

Google has clarified that only G Suite accounts will get the grammar suggestions. Auto-correction, on the other hand, will work for both personal Gmail accounts and G Suite users.

Update (August 23, 2019) - We've updated this article to clarify that the grammar suggestion feature is only available to G Suite users, not personal Gmail accounts. The as-you-type autocorrection feature is available to all users, including G Suite and personal Gmail accounts.