Google's Nest branch has been in the news quite a lot in the past week. We heard about the rumored Nest Mini, and the migration of Nest accounts to Google has started — which triggers a loss of IFTTT support, among other confusing design behavior. With Nest on our minds and Nest products in so many of our homes, I'm curious how many of our readers use Nest gadgets.

Nest is about more than just smart cameras and thermostats now. Back in May, Google revealed that it was rebranding "Home" products to "Nest," and while the older Assistant-powered smart speakers escaped that fate, even the existing Home Hub was rebranded as the "Google Nest Hub," so you might have a Nest product at home even without a smart security system.

But if you are all-in on the Assistant-integrated smart home ecosystem, there's a lot of niche Nest-branded hardware. The Nest Thermostat and Indoor/Outdoor Nest Cams might be near-universally recognized among our readers, but there are a temperature sensor and smoke alarm, too.

For the purposes of this poll, let's keep things simple and just consider products with names explicitly branded as "Nest" — I hope that's obvious, but there were some products advertised as "Works with Nest" which are excluded from this poll. In the same vein, although the older "Home" smart speakers and Chromecasts now fall under the broader Nest umbrella as part of the reorganization, we'll exclude those as well. Even with those restrictions, there are a lot of Nest products. Feel free to select all that apply.

Which Nest products do you own?

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