Wireless chargers use a big coil to create the field that actually charges your device, which is why placing your phone in just the right spot is usually necessary. Some chargers use multiple coils to increase the working area of the charger, but the new Zens Liberty sports a ridiculous 16-coil configuration that can charge up to two devices at once in any position, with up to 15W of output each. The company is even taking that level of overkill just a little bit further by offering a special edition model with a glass top so you can see all 16 coils.

That's pretty cool lookin'.

Zens claims that the 16 coil configuration used in the Liberty allows you to slap your phone down anywhere on the surface and get a charge, with support for up to two devices at once. Total wireless output is capped at 15W per device/30W total, but it is compatible with Apple's wireless charging and Samsung's Fast Charge. There's even a built-in 2.4A USB port for charging another wired device, and it pulls power itself over USB Type-C. The charging pad also comes with a 45W Type-C charger and a three-year warranty.

Pricing varies, with the base "Kvadrat edition" model set to start at €139.99/$139.99. That version comes with a 90% wool textile topper, but if you want the snazzy glass-topped charger, you'll have to pay €179.99/$179.99, and it's also a limited edition. Price tags like that might place this firmly in novelty territory for many folks, but being able to toss your phone anywhere on it and still pull a charge is pretty unique.

Availability for both fabric and glass versions is set for November of this year. Although retailers weren't included in the announcement, presumably it will be sold at Zens' site.

Press Release

ZENS first in the world to launch a wireless charger with 16 charging coils, offering maximum freedom of placement

Eindhoven, August 23rd 2019 – Have you ever accidently misplaced your phone on a wireless charger and consequently woken up with a phone that has an almost empty battery? ZENS will be the first brand in the world to solve this problem by launching the ZENS LIBERTY; a wireless charger with 16 overlapping charging coils. The 16 coils will give complete freedom of placement, allowing you to place two devices anywhere on the charging pad. So far, existing wireless chargers only have a few charging coils and your device needs to be placed on a specific spot on the charging pad. ZENS will launch two variations of the 16-coils wireless charger; an edition with a special Kvadrat textile surface and a limited edition with a glass see-through surface.

ZENS LIBERTY Wireless Charger
The ZENS LIBERTY dual wireless charger has been engineered with care and manufactured with only the finest components. With its 16-coils, the charger has an output of 30W (2x15W) with Apple and Samsung Fast Charge to support dual-device charging. Any device that supports Qi wireless charging can be recharged anywhere on the charging pad. Its 2.4A built-in USB-port allows charging an additional device. The charger is made out of high grade aluminium, comes with a 45W USB-C universal power adapter and has 3 year extended warranty.

The ZENS LIBERTY comes with a 45W universal power adapter. The adapter has a USB-C connection and includes separate power plugs for the EU, UK and US to make the adapter suitable for global usage.
The USB-port is placed on the top-side of the charging pad instead of on the side. Curious why? This will be revealed in a new, world’s first, product introduction that will follow soon.

ZENS LIBERTY - Kvadrat edition
ZEDC08B, €139.99 / $139.99, available as of November 2019
The Kvadrat edition has a surface of high-quality woolen upholstery textile Atlas by Kvadrat (90% wool, worsted). With Atlas, created by Danish designer Margrethe Odgaard, the colors are expressed, patternlike, through the structure of the material. As a result, the textile offers exceptional intensity and intricate details. Cooperating with Kvadrat to create a unique textile surface for the 16-coils charger gives the charger a warm, superior look and adds an exclusive color to the original design.

ZENS LIBERTY - Glass (limited) edition
ZEDC09G, €179.99 / $179.99, available as of November 2019
Ever wondered what’s ‘under the hood’? The limited edition has a glass see-through surface to reveal the inside of the wireless charger. You will be able to see the 16 charging coils seamlessly working together to make sure your devices regain their power quickly.

About ZENS
ZENS is your innovative wireless charging expert, dedicated to developing state-of-the-art wireless charging solutions. Located at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, innovation heart of the Netherlands and one of Europe’s most prominent high-tech centers. From this ever inspirational environment, ZENS offers a wide range of wireless charging solutions for both consumers and businesses across all industries.

About Kvadrat™
Kvadrat is the international and renowned design specialist who is leading the field of textile design and innovation since 1968. They are committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of aesthetic, creative and technological advancement in textile design and design e.g. high quality textile related products, exclusive textile and accessories for the home, engineered acoustic panels and progressive curtains. Kvadrat’s customers include the worlds most accomplished architects, artists, designers, furniture manufacturers and retailers.

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