There are a lot of external batteries/power banks/portable chargers out there, and often the experience can be summarized purely in specs. While there's always odd or unusual behavior to watch out for, you usually know what you're getting when rated outputs, features, and capacities are all listed. The Goal Zero Sherpa 100 AC Portable power Bank checks a whole lot of boxes if you're after a really high-end, airline-safe battery, and right now it's $60 off at multiple retailers, including Amazon, down to just $240 from its usual $300 price tag. The truly monstrous Goal Zero Yeti 1400 is also discounted by $360 to "just" $1,440.

Sherpa 100 AC

When it comes to the Sherpa 100 AC, you're getting 94.72Wh of capacity, which is airline-safe. Two USB Type-C outputs provide up to 60W of power via Power Delivery, and there's also a 100W 110V AC outlet. 2x 2.4A USB Type-A ports and a wireless Qi charger round out the list of outputs, and a monochrome OLED screen shows detailed information like remaining time/capacity and configuration options. It even comes with short cables for some ports that are stored in a hole on the side.

This isn't a small battery, Goal Zero advertises the fact that it weights "only" 2lbs, taking up 7.5" x 1.0" x 5.68" of space — so it isn't meant for a purse or sling. But if you need something super beefy to spit a whole lot of power to your laptop and a pile of other gadgets for a long train trip or flight, its specs should oblige.

The battery is discounted by $60 to $240 from its original $300 price at the retailers below:

Yeti 1400

The bigger Goal Zero Yeti 1400 is a bit more niche, but it's quite powerful. It has 1,400Wh of capacity, two AC outlets, two Type-C ports, and offers up to 1500W of continuous output (3000W for surge). It can even be controlled remotely via the Goal Zero Yeti app.

At $1,440, it isn't for everyone, and it definitely isn't airline-safe, but it could come in handy during an emergency or some especially glamorous camping. And at $360 off, the discount right now is sizable. You can pick one up at the retailers below:

Flip 30

Lastly, Goal Zero's diminutive Flip 30 is also on sale and discounted by $10 down to $30. It's a lot smaller when it comes to size, capacity, and output, but it's perfect for tossing in a bag or backpack, with just one 2.1A USB Type-A port and 28.1Wh/7,800mAh of oomph. It also has a flip-out USB port for charging directly from a receptacle — no cable required.

You can pick one of them up at: