Earlier this month, we reported Samsung DeX would support a new mode that lets you run it as a window on your desktop. Naturally, in order to achieve this, you would need to install a dedicated app on your computer, which wasn't available until today. Samsung just released it on its site, and you can now download it for Windows and macOS.

The app is compatible with Windows 7 and 10, as well as macOS High Sierra and Mojave. Once installed, the software launches as soon as you connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. In addition to letting you use the traditional DeX features alongside your everyday apps, this new mode allows you to easily transfer content from your computer to your phone: You can drag and drop files from and into the DeX window to move them across devices. DeX also lets you copy and paste text between your handset and desktop, as well as drag files into the Email, Messages, Samsung Notes, or Samsung Members apps app to save them as attachments. Lastly, the app mirrors your phone's notifications on your computer, which avoids having to switch from one device to the other.

Unfortunately, DeX still requires a USB connection between your phone and your PC or Mac, despite claims a wireless link was in preparation. Also, the desktop app only works with the Note10 lineup for the time being, but I don't see any hardware restrictions for it not to be ported to earlier models. Hopefully, Samsung will work on an update that will make them compatible in the future. I've tried connecting my S9 to my Mac, but no matter what I did, the app wouldn't detect the phone, as the latter's software was not compatible... yet?