Portable projectors are great for impromptu screenings, and you'll probably want one that's bright and has a robust battery. The Anker Nebula Mars II Pro ticks those boxes, plus it runs Android apps to boot. But it doesn't come cheap, with a sticker price just shy of $600. Thanks to a couple of stacking discounts, though, you can nab one for $120 off today.

The Mars II Pro is Anker's brightest portable projector, pushing 500 ANSI lumens. While that's certainly not the brightest a projector can get, it's more than adequate for medium-size rooms, or even large ones that are sufficiently dark. It'll throw an image anywhere from 30 to 150 inches in size, and its 12,500 milliamp-hour battery is rated for three hours of playback — enough for most films.

Overall, buyers seem to love the Mars II Pro, with the majority awarding it five-star ratings. This ample discount is a combination of both a regular price drop to $509.99, plus an additional $30 off by way of an on-page coupon. Head over to Amazon to pick one up and start hosting some movie nights.