The Lenovo Smart Clock is the first (and still only) Assistant-powered clock. It looks like a smart display, but it's not as capable as a Nest Hub or Lenovo Smart Display. The new update will bring it a bit closer, though. Google and Lenovo will help you enjoy some memories and spend less time talking to your clock.

The Smart Clock is probably smarter than your alarm clock, but it was missing some basic pieces of both voice and display Assistant functionality at launch. This update adds one important display feature: photo slideshows. You can, therefore, plug the Smart Clock into your Google Photos account to show snapshots of your choosing. On the voice side, the clock gets support for Continued Conversation, allowing you to chain multiple commands together without saying "Hey Google" every time.

One of the few "advanced" features at launch was the option to stream Nest security camera video. It didn't work with other camera types, but that will start to change with this update. The Smart Clock should work with "most" Assistant-enabled cameras. We don't know which cameras exactly, but we'll find out soon enough. The OTA rolls out this week in all markets where the clock is on sale (the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan). The clock also goes on sale soon in India.