You're out and about and you've just been emailed a contract you've been waiting for. All you need to do is fill it out and send it back. The problem is that the file is in PDF, meaning you'll be mucking around with different apps and maybe even a purchase or two to get a simple job done. Well, Google Drive is about to save G Suite users some of that hassle as it will now allow you to fill out structured PDFs on either Android or iOS.

PDF editing has actually been in the changelogs for the Android app since a few weeks ago, but we've only gotten a sense of its formality and release schedule with a post on the G Suite Update Blog today.

You will be able to type into fields, check boxes, and select from options provided in a dropdown menu. Any changes can be saved in the file or as a copy, just like with any other document on Drive. However, you cannot edit an XFA-formatted file and — this is the big catch — you cannot e-sign right from the app. And considering how so many fill-out forms do require a signature, the exclusion really is a fat shame.

G Suite teams will begin to see this feature from today with roll-out continuing for at least two weeks. Once you receive the ability to do so, you'll see pencil icons on PDF files that you can tap on to start editing.