Last week, Google Maps added a new gesture for quickly switching between accounts. Given how simple it is to use instead of tapping a few times, we got excited about the prospect of the gesture coming to other Google apps, especially ones where account switching is more frequently needed, like Gmail and Drive. While the former hasn't gotten it yet, the latter just did.

Google Drive v2.19.332 adds the ability to swipe up or down on your avatar picture (top right) to quickly switch accounts. Unlike Maps, which flashes the screen jarringly to execute the move, Drive uses a nice card animation, similar to how Android Q handles switching between apps.

Hopefully, now that a few apps have implemented this swipe, most of Google's services will follow suit. And yes, I'm going to repeat it until someone at Gmail hears me: add it to Gmail, please.

Google Drive v2.19.332 has only just begun rolling out on the Play Store, so if you don't have it yet, you can get it on APK Mirror.

Google Drive
Google Drive
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