Back in May, Google rolled out a new product consultation service to help folks in their smart home deliberations — and maybe point them at a few Google/Nest products. While you could arrange for an in-home appointment in parts of southern California, most of us had to make do with the toll-free hotline. There was just one catch: Google had the wrong number for that hotline listed on product pages for months. 

This number goes nowhere, you'll need to call (855) 224-6378. From an Internet Archive backup of the Google Wifi product listing

The nature of the error is simple: a single digit was transposed in some product listings, with Google swapping a 2 for a 4 in the middle. As a result, the correct phone number of (855) 224-6378 was replaced with (855) 244-6378. Calling the wrong number, thankfully, didn't connect you to some unrelated business, it simply wouldn't work.

It might not be the best indicator for the hotline's success if the error was able to slip past generally unnoticed for so long (though a few Android Police readers spotted it). We even repeated the same incorrect number Google had on its listings in part of our coverage — whoops.

We aren't sure if all product pages were affected, but checking Internet Archive backups, many of them were. Some changed back and forth between the correct and incorrect phone number a few times over the last couple of months, but yesterday someone at Google appears to have finally noticed and replaced the offending digits across all product listings.