Moment continues to build out the selection of accessories designed for smartphone photographers and videographers. Last year brought the launch of a special filter mount designed to adapt 62mm filters, but it only fit on top of Moment's lenses. But for those times when you want the original perspective provided by your smartphone camera, or maybe you don't want to travel with a huge filter on the front of your phone, Moment is now launching a new mount and a line of smaller 37mm filters that attach directly to their Photo Cases.

There are two new types of filters in the family. The first is a circular polarizer (CPL) filter that can be used to cut out glare from certain types of reflective surfaces. In practice, it amps up the blues in the sky and greens in plans. It can also help to cut reflections from windows and many other reflective surfaces. If you're curious about the science and examples, check out the Wikipedia post on polarizing filters.

The other new addition to Moment's lineup is a series of neutral density (ND) filters in powers of 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64. These are used to reduce the amount of light coming into the camera and often compared to sunglasses for your camera. This might sound counterintuitive to some, but it's a very important tool for certain types of photography and making better videos. If there's too much light hitting the sensor, your smartphone will either overexpose your video or use a very fast shutter speed, and that produces choppy videos. This is demonstrated in the video above, and you may have noticed it yourself while taking videos during bright days or out in the snow.

All of the filters are made from shatterproof B270 grade high-transmission glass. They're antistatic so floating dust won't latch on too easily, and there is a scratch-resistant and hydrophobic coating that will keep mist out of your shots and hopefully prevent accidental damage. The filter frames and the Photo Case mount are made from aerospace grade stainless steel and the NDs are threaded on both sides to support stacking with each other and any other 37mm threaded lenses or filters — just mind the vignetting if you stack too much.

Check out Moment's blog post and the product pages for additional tech specs.

The CPL sells for $44.99 while the ND filters are running for $34.99 each. Don't forget, you'll also need a filter mount to attach these to a Moment Photo Case. The mount runs an extra $9.99, but you can pick it up a combo with a filter and get $5 off. And if you don't have a case yet, the most efficient option will be to pick up a bundle with a Photo Case, mount, CPL, and one of the ND filters for $30 off the normal price. Everything is available at starting today. There's also a sale going for early bird shoppers that will get an extra 20% off until Friday with the code #goodlight.