Happy Wednesday, readers. Today we've got some fine prices on Google's biggest and best smart speaker, Amazon Fire tablets, and charging accessories from Anker. Read on to learn more.

Google Home Max: $239 ($60 off)

  • Google Home Max — $239 with coupon, $60 off (Rakuten)

Google Home Max is probably the best smart speaker you can get. Since launching at an astronomical $400, it's seen a permanent $100 price reduction. On top of that, there have been a bunch of good sales. Like this one! Rakuten seller Electronic Express has it for $269, and coupon code XP30 will knock another $30 off.

Fire HD 10: $100 ($50 off)

  • Amazon Fire HD 10 — $99.99, $50 off (Amazon)

Amazon's Fire tablets aren't the most powerful, but they're also not the most expensive by a longshot. The Fire HD 10 is normally $150, but it's 50 bucks off right now. For your $100, you'll get a 10-inch tablet with an HD screen that's perfect for watching Netflix in bed. (And if you find yourself wanting Play Store access, we've got a handy guide for just such a situation.)

Fire HD 8 Kids: $100 ($30 off)

  • Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition — $99.99, $30 off (Amazon)

The Kids Edition Fire tablets aren't actually different hardware, but they are intentionally suited for use by clumsy young hands. They include chunky shock-absorbing cases, and if your tot manages to break it within two years of purchase, you can get it replaced for free. The eight-incher is usually $130, but like the regular HD 10, it's down to $100 right now.

Anker 10W wireless charging pad: $12 ($8 off)

  • Anker 10W wireless charging pad — $11.99 with coupon, $8 off (Amazon)

Anker makes some pretty nice wireless charging gear, and it's generally not very expensive. This 10-watt charging pad doesn't include a wall adapter, but it's down to $13.49 on Amazon from a normal price of about $20, and coupon code DB310305 brings the price down a couple bucks more still.

Anker Powerline II USB-C cables: $10 ($3 off)

  • Anker Powerline II 6-foot USB-C-to-USB-C cables  $9.99 with coupon, $3-4 off (Amazon)

Need more USB cables? Of course you do. Anker's Powerline II USB-C cables are six feet long and high quality, so they ought to last you a good long time. They're USB 2.0, so they're not the fastest for data transfer, but they support charging speeds of up to 87 watts. The black one is normally $13 and the white is $14, but coupon code ANKER741 will get you either one for $10.