Google's Home Mini smart speaker debuted all the way back in 2017, from which point it's worked its way into almost every cheap internet giveaway or coupon deal in the last two years. According to 9to5Google, a second-generation "Nest Mini" is planned, which will bring better audio quality, wall-mounting, "proximity awareness," and a 3.5mm jack — a feature even the hotly anticipated Pixel 4 doesn't have.

Physically, the refresh of the dinky Assistant-powered smart speaker is expected to be about the same size, or a tiny bit larger. The precise details regarding two of the upcoming features — the built-in wall mount and the 3.5mm jack — aren't known. The speaker may have a fancy and complicated bracketed mounting system, or simply a groove with an edge on the back to catch the head of a nail. Similarly, it isn't clear if the 3.5mm jack will serve for input or output.

More is known when it comes to the new "proximity awareness" feature, which is expected to behave similarly to other screen-equipped, Assistant-powered Nest/Google products, which use motion sensors to determine if you're nearby to turn on the display. In this case, it's expected to show you the current volume setting when you approach.

New colors are also planned, though the specifics aren't known, and the price wasn't included in the leak — though it wouldn't make much sense if Google charged a whole lot more.

9to5Google's source confirms that the new branding will be "Nest Mini," matching previous announcements that the Nest branding would be taking over when it comes to future Home products — a distinction even Google itself has trouble with sometimes. With the Made by Google event anticipated to happen as usual in October, we might see the new Nest Mini debut alongside the Pixel 4.