In one form or another, Google Lens has been a useful companion to Android users for quite some time. Just as Google is trying to integrate Assistant with each and every service it offers, the company is also looking to expand the reach of Lens. On Tuesday, Chrome Story noticed evidence pointing to Lens integration in Chrome for Android that we can expect to see in a future version of the browser.

There are two mentions of Lens in Chrome's development resources, with one coming in the form of a Chromium Gerrit entry, bearing the fitting title "Add support for intenting to Google Lens from the context menu." The other is a Chromium bug report, called "[Lens Context Menu] Add Lens Context Menu."

Details are sparse at this point, so the question remains whether Chrome gets native Lens support or whether the browser just adds an intent to trigger Android's current Lens service. At the moment, evidence points towards the latter. Depending on the implementation, that could still end up enabling you to tap and hold an image on the web to invoke Google Lens, as Chrome Story speculates.

For now, Lens integration isn't available in any build of Chrome, including the Beta and Canary versions. We'll be sure to update you when it comes to one of those channels.