After Google published a beta of Android Studio 3.5 during I/O this year, the product is now coming to developers as a stable release. However, this version doesn't bring any new features with it. Google halted regular development for eight months and focused on making the program faster and less resource-demanding, leading to a more usable IDE.

Android Studio 3.5 is the third release to come with Project Marble, which focuses on system health, feature polish, and fixes bugs in the program. This is all this update is about: It improves memory usage, reduces input lag and interface freezes, enhances IDE speed, and minimizes emulator CPU usage. Chrome OS also received a round of love, getting a dev file installer and support for deployment and debugging on devices connected via USB. In a video, developer advocate Yacine Rezgui goes in-depth on everything improved.

The reduced typing latency is the most impressive update, in my view. Look at the comparison below, showing the results of code optimizations for big development projects.

Typing latency before Android Studio 3.5. It's ... bad.

Typing latency on Android Studio 3.5. Much better.

To download Android Studio 3.5, head to the Android Developers website. There, you can also check out the detailed changelog, which goes over each and every change made in the new version.