The Oppo Reno only landed this April, but already the company is teasing the Reno2, with an even greater emphasis on cameras. This time around the phone will have a crazy-sounding "20x" zoom, plus an "Ultra Steady Mode" for stabilized video and an "Ultra Dark Mode" for extreme low-light camera performance. Sadly, it doesn't reach that huge number with one of those periscope-style zoom cameras like the Reno 10x Zoom had. The base Reno2 features a 2x optical lens paired with software zoom.

Full specs have leaked thanks to Chinese regulatory agency TENAA (think: Chinese FCC).


Chipset Unnamed 2.2GHz 8-core (probably the Snapdragon 730)
Display 6.5" 2400 × 1080 AMOLED
Cameras 48MP, 13MP, 8MP, 2MP
RAM "up to 8GB"
Storage 128-256GB, expandable
Battery 3915mAh
Software Android 9 Pie
Colors Black, Pink, Green
Dimensions 160×74.3×9.5mm, 189g

The SoC isn't named explicitly in the filing, but rumors have pegged it as a Snapdragon 730. Previously the Reno had a Snapdragon 710, and the Reno 10x Zoom had a Snapdragon 855.

The TENAA listing is clear that at least one camera on the phone sports an optical zoom of 2x, though we don't know the resolution it's paired with, and images of the back in promotional materials and the TENAA listing don't show one of the square, periscope-style optical zoom cameras. Previously, Oppo had both the Reno and the Reno 10x Zoom, with the latter getting a periscope-style zoom lens at 5x optical. This time, the Reno 2's "20x" zoom is mostly in software: OPPO's site for the new phone states it uses a 5x 'Hybrid Zoom" and up to 20x "Digital Zoom." It remains to be seen if the Reno2 will be accompanied by one with a bigger optical zoom later.

The new "Ultra Dark Mode" sounds something like Google's Night Sight photography mode, though we'll have to see how well it performs before that comparison is valid. "Ultra Stead Mode" similarly sounds like optical/digital stabilization, perhaps hyped for marketing with the same kind of machine learning systems used by other smartphone manufacturers these days.

The AMOLED screen in the Reno2 is a bit taller in aspect ratio compared to the original, though the screen and phone's actual size and dimensions have shrunk slightly. The lack of a rear-facing fingerprint sensor would indicate that it's in the display again. Based on teaser images published to Oppo's site, it will still have the "shark fin" pop-out front-facing camera.

If flashy marketing materials are more your style, Oppo has just pushed out a pile of videos promoting the Reno2's features:

As someone who was born and raised in (and escaped from) Reno, I'm not entirely sure why Oppo strives for the association. Reno 911 was more of a documentary that most of the world will ever know. I have to assume that the company had something very different in mind when it named these phones.

Oppo says the Reno2 will be coming to India first in just a bit over a week, on August 28th, and the last couple of details left to fill on the spec sheet will be revealed then.