OnePlus has been publicly working on a TV for more than a year now, and according to a recent announcement, it may finally materialize this September. The company has revealed that the OnePlus TV will be available in India first following a September launch, and the date curiously corresponds with another recent leak. According to Max J (@Samsung_News_), the company has a trio of dates marked on its calendar: an India-specific event on September 26th, a US/EU event planned for October 10th, and formal "Sale" on October 15th — though we aren't sure if all these dates are for the OnePlus TV, or may include other products.

Today's announcement details part of the reason that India was chosen to launch first: the company has "very positive" relationships with content providers there. Paired with its justified belief that "content is king" (and the fact that it's a successfully marketed premium brand in the country), India as the first target market makes sense. The company is still hoping to bring the OnePlus TV to other regions, specifically naming North America, Europe, and China.

CEO Pete Lau describes the upcoming TV as "without reservations, a new premium flagship," with more wallet-friendly words like "price" and "value" conspicuously missing. As probably expected, it will be a Smart TV — powered by Android TV, according to Bluetooth SIG information —with Lau placing special emphasis for how it will serve as a "smart social hub."

Other dates for the 7T?

However, the anticipated September release for the OnePlus TV in India isn't the only event on the company's calendar, according to recent leaks.

Ignore the image, it's a "concept," and Max never statutes what the dates are for, sadly.

Usually, we're a bit hesitant to publish leaks from smaller or less well-known sources, but Max's history when it comes to OnePlus has been accurate so far, and Roland Quandt is also convinced.

Although he never explicitly states what the dates apply to in his tweets, we spoke to Max and he explicitly told us he believes the September 26th and October 10th dates also apply to the 7T series of phones. In isolation, the timeline is a good fit for OnePlus' twice-yearly phone release cycle.

We weren't originally convinced that the dates leaked here corresponded to the 7 Pro, given the timing and overlap with the OnePlus TV announcement and lack of information, but we're explicitly told that the leaker believes, based on information provided to him, that we'll at least see the 7T at the September event. With the dates all less than two months out, presumably we'll see more leaks confirming things in either direction soon.

Whatever is planned, if you're a fan of OnePlus products, you should probably consider moving any appointments set for all of those dates.

We spoke to Max J. on the subject of his leak, and were informed that he does specifically have reason to believe the dates apply to the 7T series of phones. Although we previously thought it could have applied to either the upcoming TV or the updated series of phones, we've updated this article with additional confirmation regarding the 7T.

The OnePlus TV will be sold on Amazon in India. Interested parties can sign up to be notified when there is more information regarding availability from the retailer.