Just last month, Google Go passed 100 million installs on the Play Store. Given how widespread the app is being used, you'd have assumed it was available everywhere, but that wasn't the case. Previously it was limited to certain countries and Android Go edition phones. But starting today, it's available everywhere.

The app isn't just a stripped-down way to access Google Search, it also includes a lightweight version of Google Lens which works with over a dozen languages and a website dictation "read-out-loud" feature, all somehow crammed into just 7MB of space — convenient for those with older phones or limited storage.

Back in 2017, "Google Search Lite" became Google Go, and as of today, the little app has grown up (even if it still can't fill its bigger brother's 80MB+ shoes). You can now download Google Go over on the Play Store without country restrictions, on any device running Android Lollipop (presumably 5.0) or later.