Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo have announced that they're joining forces to create a new file transfer solution that will work seamlessly across devices made by each of them. The peer-to-peer protocol will be able to transfer files at a speed of up to 20MB/s, likely using Bluetooth for pairing and then WiFi for transfer.

As reported by The Verge, Xiaomi outlined the news in a WeChat post on its official MIUI account. Although the three Chinese OEMs are collaborating on the technology, the door is open for other manufacturers to jump on board and be part of the alliance. It's natural to draw comparisons with Apple's AirDrop file transfer feature, but Google's Files app also has similar functionality while Android Q will ship with a new Fast Share feature, replacing the outgoing Android Beam. Xiaomi already has the ShareMe, so it's unclear how this new venture will differ.

Fast Share will be tied to Google Play Services, so Chinese manufacturers will need their own protocol for use in the phones they ship in China — although they still run a version of Android, it comes without Google Play and other apps and services from the US tech giant. We can expect a beta version of the new solution to be launched around the end of this month, although it might not be something that ever comes to Western handsets.