TP-Link has been working on expanding its Kasa series of smart home plugs, lights, switches, and cameras for the past few years. This year at CES, it had announced a LED strip, an indoor security camera, and a video doorbell — which would be the company's first. Unfortunately, sometimes a product doesn't make it past the announcement stage and, in this case, the company as confirmed that the video doorbell has not made it to launch.

A customer shared an email from the company on the r/smarthome subreddit telling that the Kasa Smart Video Doorbell, product number KD100, will not be released. We were able to confirm with the company that this particular project will not go to production, but that does not rule out a future video doorbell.

The KD100 was described as a "2K high definition image sensor with HDR and invisible infrared LEDs for night vision" along with two-way audio, AI facial detection, and two days of free recording space. That alone doesn't sound much different than other video doorbells in the market and would be highly dependent on an optimal price point to be successful.

By the way, that LED strip we mentioned at the top? It's been inspected by the FCC, but also has yet to make it to market.