Sonos is basically synonymous with multi-room wireless audio and was around long before Google Home and Amazon Echo. The company doesn't rest on its laurels though and provides a constant stream of new devices and updated, enhanced software – it only recently added Google Assistant support to its One speakers. Over the weekend, another product emerged in a new leak courtesy of Winfuture. It's the portable Sonos Move equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a stationary charging dock.

The Move would be the first to add Bluetooth capability to Sonos' lineup, making it possible to remove the speaker from your Wi-Fi network at home and use it on the go. The device is slightly bigger than the Sonos One and should come with a charging dock, allowing you to give it a designated spot in your apartment or house. It also sports a USB-C port so you can charge it via a portable battery or while you're visiting friends. Six integrated microphones enable Assistant and Alexa support, provided the device is connected to the internet. A number of buttons on top of the Move allow you to play and pause songs and adjust the volume, just like it's the case for other portable Bluetooth speakers.

While there is no word on further specific hardware capabilities, the device appears to be an interesting option for people looking for both a portable and a stationary audio solution – it's perfect for occasional use on the patio. It is quite reminiscent of third-party battery bases for the Google Home Mini.