There are a ton of phones that use Qualcomm's Quick Charge standard, including all recent Galaxy S and Note devices, most Xiaomi/Redmi phones, the Zenfone 6, all of LG's recent flagships, and many more. If you have a compatible phone, and you're looking for a fast charger for your car, one model from Unitek is extremely cheap right now.

This Quick Charge 2.0 car adapter from Unitek is just $3.49 from Newegg right now, and it comes with a microUSB cable. It has a total of three USB ports, one of which is QC 2.0, with the other two being the standard 5V/2.4A charging speed. Newegg's product page only has one review, but that one review is five stars, so I assume this hasn't caught on fire in anyone's car.

You can buy the charger from the link below. If you're not sure if your phone uses Qualcomm QuickCharge, search for your model in this official list. Also, phones designed for QC3.0 still work just fine with QC2.0 chargers.