Mobvoi has made a name for itself as a provider of affordable and reliable gadgets. Its TicWatch lineup has produced some pleasant surprises in the Wear OS universe, and the original TicPods Free are capable alternatives to Apple's Airpods for Android users. The Chinese company is seemingly hard at work on a successor to those that could launch in the near future. The TicPods 2 have passed through the FCC, and as is often the case, the regulator has leaked a decent amount of information on the new earbuds.

The FCC filing has been online since last month but was only was spotted by 9to5Google over the weekend. There are two individual entries — one for the TicPods 2 and another for the TicPods 2 Pro. Apart from different colors and an additional microphone in the latter, there aren't any other obvious differences between the two. Presumably, the Pro version will come with better audio or enhanced noise cancellation, but that's still speculation as of now.

The regular TicPods 2.

With the FCC providing several images of the earphones, the most obvious change from the predecessors is the switch to hard plastic tips instead of interchangeable silicone ones. Sadly, they appear to copy the worst physical characteristic from the AirPods. A more welcome change can be found in the manual: The charging case supposedly charges over USB-C as opposed to a micro-USB port that was barely acceptable in 2018 when the original TicPods came out.

The TicPods 2 Pro.

Hopefully, Mobvoi found a way to make the earbuds fit different ear forms comfortably, though that's doubtful. If they're like the AirPods, they'll either fit you or they won't, with no way to adjust them if they don't. Still, if the company manages to squeeze some more battery life out of these second-generation products and improves the audio and call quality, they could represent a worthwhile upgrade.