Late last month, Google was spotted testing a new subscription service called "Google Play Pass." In a similar vein to Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass promises access to a library of games and apps for a flat $5 monthly fee. The subscription service is in limited testing right now, but we're curious to know if you'd sign up when (or if) it expands.

It remains to be seen which games or apps will be included in the subscription if the service goes live, but screenshots and icons from current testing indicate that games like Stardew Valley, Marvel Pinball, KOTOR, Life is Strange, and Limbo are included in the current test. Games are clearly well covered, but the more utilitarian apps that might be part of the subscription remain a question, and there's no telling if the selection for either might change if and when Google decides to roll the service out more widely.

Google previously confirmed to us that this Play Pass subscription service is being tested, though we don't know when Google might plan on formally launching it. We still have some questions, but based on the details we have, would you consider trying it?

Would you pay $5 a month for a library of paid Android games and apps?

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