Xiaomi products are known to be affordable and do the job well, including its Mi Home security camera. The product was initially sold for a reasonable $40 but has just received a $10 markdown, making it quite a bargain for just $30.

The Mi Home security camera features a 1080p ultra-wide-angle 130º lens with night vision. It connects to your home network over Wi-Fi, but unlike many other smart home devices, this one can handle both 2.4 and 5GhZ radio. As with most security cameras, it also offers configurable motion detection and two-way audio.

Its built-in MicroSD slot will let you store footage locally without having to pay for a cloud subscription. If you'd rather save your videos online, though, the Mi Home Security Camera also supports Cloud NAS, provided you have one. Lastly, there's a neat feature that lets it pair with your phone or fitness tracker over Bluetooth to automatically stop video recording for added privacy.

The Mi Home Security Camera is an excellent option if you're looking for an indoor camera, thanks to its price and advanced features. Buyers have also praised it on Amazon, view an average review score of four stars.