Netflix may have paid $100M to retain 'Friends' for 2019, but come January 2020 it goes over to HBO Max. If you still want to have a show to play in the background when you're tired of 'The Office', you can buy the Complete Series Collection of Friends for $60 over at Play Movies, a cool $80 off.


While the show seems to offend the youth of today, for a lot of us Friends is a show we don't know why we turn back to. Buying the series from Play Movies will let you watch all 234 episodes in HD for eternity (or as long as Play Movies is around). If you're part of a Google Play Family, other members will get access to it too.

Keep in mind that you won't get any of the bonus features like in the Blu-ray release, though you can usually find those on YouTube. Alternately, the DVD collection is also available for $10 extra ($70) at Walmart.

Alternate title: All of 'Friends' is 20 bucks off on Google Play 👏👏👏👏