With smart home appliances, you can weave a series of commands together and have them triggered just by flipping a switch or having a sensor detect motion. Smart assistants and task apps have long been able to cook up recipes or routines, but it takes two to tango — those partners being the appliance makers that need to be able to get their products synced up and ready for a command. TP-Link is the latest OEM to allow for synced or so-called "Smart Actions" on its Kasa lines of lightbulbs, switches, plugs, and cameras.

TP-Link actually announced Smart Actions at CES this year. In an FAQ section, it describes four types of Smart Actions that users can program with their Kasa products:

  • Motion Sensing: if a Kasa camera detects motion, it can turn on a smart plug, bulb, or switch. They can be set to later turn off with an auto-timer.
  • Control with a Switch: if you flip a Kasa switch, you can also turn on multiple bulbs or plugs.
  • Schedule a Scene: you can set certain times for a number of plugs, bulbs, and switches to come on or off.
  • Auto-off Timer: you can also just have plugs, bulbs, or switches turn off after some time being on.

The company says that only three Smart Actions can be active at a time and that users can create up to 50 actions in their account.

Smart Actions is rolling out in stages to blocs of Kasa owners. You should see a new Smart Actions tab, which means you'll be able to program one. No word on if or when Kasa video doorbells and wall outlets will have Smart Actions.

Kasa Smart
Kasa Smart
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