Android Q will deliver a whole pile of new features like a system-wide dark theme and revamped gesture navigation when it lands later this quarter. But just because Google has implemented those features in Android doesn't mean all your favorite apps will automatically work with them immediately and perfectly; developers need to build that support into their apps. To lend a hand, Google has just pushed out the source code for its I/O 2019 app to serve as an example.

Gesture support (and the transparent nav bar) in the I/O 2019 app on Android Q.

This isn't an unusual development, Google has previously pushed out the source code for prior incarnations of the I/O app to demonstrate best practices for new APIs and features. Since the I/O 2019 app is extensively documented with clear and concise code, developers integrating support for Android Q's changes (as well as other recent improvements/tools) can look to it as an example when adding new features into their own apps, like:

  • Dark theme support
  • Correct gesture navigation support
  • Navigation component/Single Activity app
  • Full Text Search via the Room Jetpack component
  • Firebase Remote Config
  • Safe Args Gradle plugin

Plus plenty of other minor tweaks.

Full Text Search in the I/O 2019 app.

For more details, interested developers can peruse the code itself over on the I/O 2019 app's Github, or read the executive summary on the Android Developers Blog, which links directly to a few commits for examples of specific features.

Google I/O 2019
Google I/O 2019
Developer: Google LLC
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