No need for guidance from Naviance or U.S. News & World Report: just in time for incoming high school juniors to start worrying about higher education, Google is pushing out a big upgrade to its knowledge graphs on colleges and universities. Search users can not only just look up cost breakdowns and graduate outcomes for 4-year institutions, but also 2-year schools as well as 2-year programs at most colleges and universities.

As before, Google is utilizing data from the Department of Education and lets users sort out community colleges and vocational schools by factors such as location, size, and acceptance rate or search for terms based on programs like "hotel management" or "marine trade."

You can see what programs each school offers as well as the proportion of students who graduated with that degree in a recent academic year. Google also compiles a list of ranking articles where a school is mentioned.

You can look up 2-year schools on Google in the U.S. today.