It can be hard to keep up with all the features packed into Google Assistant, especially because a lot of the recent additions are underwhelming and don't get much use. Google's latest Assistant rollout is different. The new assignable reminders sound like a fun and useful feature, and they're coming your way soon. Well, in select markets.

With assignable reminders, you can create a reminder for other people in your home by talking to Assistant. For example, you could say, "Remind [name] to pick up milk tomorrow." Google will forward a notification of the reminder when you make it, and it will appear again at the time you specify. These reminders will show up on the person's phone as well as on Assistant-powered speakers and smart displays. Google notes you can even use it to send a "note of encouragement" to people—eg. "Hey Google, remind Mary that she will do great on tomorrow’s exam."

Assignable reminders plug into your Google family group and Home voice matches. So, you just have to make sure the people you want to ping with reminders have accepted your family group invitation or have verified voices on the smart devices in your home. Google says this feature will roll out in the coming weeks to all phones and Assistant-powered smart home products in the US, UK, and Australia that are set to English.