Last Friday, OnePlus pushed out an update for the 6 and 6T, bringing, among other things, the DC dimming feature from the OnePlus 7 Pro and previous Open Beta updates to the mainstream. OTAs rolled out over the weekend (sorry we missed it, I was on vacation) but in case you didn't get it or would prefer to manually flash, the company has posted downloads for the pair of updates today.

The full changelog for the two updates (OxygenOS 9.0.16 for the OnePlus 6T and 9.0.8 for the OnePlus 6) is just below:


  • System
    • Optimized pocket mode
    • Fixed an issue with apps failing to respond
    • Fixed an issue to unlock apps successfully using fingerprint when the screen recorder is turned on
    • Added Quick reply in landscape mode (Settings - Utilities - Quick reply in landscape)
    • Android security patch updated to 2019.08
    • General bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Launcher
    • Added password settings for Hidden Space
  • Gaming Mode
    • Introduced brand new Fnatic mode for an immersive gaming experience, More surprises on the way
  • Zen mode
    • Added additional Zen mode features
  • OnePlus Laboratory
    • Added the DC dimming feature
  • Communication
    • Support VoLTE/VoWiFi for Bouygues

DC dimming, if you aren't familiar, replaces quick flashes of the display to modulate brightness with steady lower levels of illumination.

Some folks are sensitive to that flashing, especially at lower frequencies, and this change should help, but it does come at a cost. DC dimming usually results in some crushed blacks at lower brightness settings and can exaggerate inconsistencies in your display. For more information, check out our more detailed explanation regarding DC dimming here.

The gaming mode for the two phones has also been further enhanced via the addition of a branded "Fnatic mode" that adds a few extra tweaks on top, disabling your second SIM, blocking notifications, and more aggressively allocating system resources.

The landscape quick reply setting has been available on some other OnePlus phones for a while, and it's a lot more unique than the name implies. The feature only supports a few applications, but it provides a messaging app as a portrait overlay on top of your current app, with the messaging app on the left, and a shrunken keyboard on the right. It's a bit more useful than replying via a notification if you need context or more details from a conversation.

Security patches have been bumped to August 2019, the Zen mode app has been updated, and a pile of other fixes and issues are also included, including some optimizations to pocket mode, which keeps the phone from unlocking by checking the proximity sensor while it's in your pocket.

Again, OTAs have been rolling out for a while, so you should have already seen the update land, but downloads are also available as of today if you prefer to pull it down via another mechanism: