Last week, Google announced several improvements to Maps among which is the availability of Live AR walking navigation for users beyond Local Guides. Another promised change was a new and improved timeline. In addition to your daily history, it groups all the places you've visited by category, city, country, and lets you quickly create lists of recommendations based on locations you've already been to.

The new Timeline keeps everything you're used to in the Day tab. That's where you can see your detailed movements, add stops, edit incorrect locations, remove places, and more. Next to it are three new tabs for PlacesCities, and World.

The first groups all the locations you've visited by category — from restaurants to stores, hotels, airports, sports, cultural locations, and more. You can switch between different categories, sort by most recent or most visited, quickly save a place to your lists, view the last visit you made to a place, or remove all visits from your timeline if you need that.

The main timeline is still there (left) but now has more tabs.

The Cities tab groups all your places by city, and the World tab organizes them by country. Each one lets you see a list of the places but also browse them on the map and zoom in and out.

Browsing by category, city, country.

Beside the organizational aspect, this new timeline has another benefit. The blue Select button on top of the list of places (whether in a category or city) lets you quickly choose different items and create a list. That's great if you want to archive your past trips or share recommendations with someone else; say your relative is coming over to your town and you need to give them a list of the best restaurants in town, or your friend is traveling to a city you've been to and asked you for a list of things to do. When creating a list, you're given the option of making it private or public (regular Maps lists) or a Group list (which used to be called Shortlist and lets others add, edit, and vote on places).

Creating a list of places from your timeline. 

We've seen this new interface with the latest Google Maps on both stable and beta. You can grab v10.22.2 stable and v10.23.1 beta from the Play Store or APK Mirror.

Google Maps - Navigate & Explore
Google Maps - Navigate & Explore
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