Nokia's first salvo of Android phones debuted at MWC all the way back in 2017, with the company initially committing to two years of updates for its new devices. Well, it's been a bit over two years since those phones were released, and Nokia has decided it doesn't want to give up on them so easily. The Nokia 3, 5, 6, and 8 will continue to get quarterly security updates for an extra year, into 2020.

Not all of Nokia's phones were set to conclude their updates at the same time, so here's the full list of older phones which will get quarterly updates with this extension:

  • Nokia 3: Quarterly updates starting September 2019, ending September 2020.
  • Nokia 5: Quarterly updates starting October 2019, ending October 2020.
  • Nokia 6: Quarterly updates starting October 2019, ending October 2020.
  • Nokia 8: Quarterly updates starting October 2019, ending October 2020.

Unfortunately, not all versions of these phones in all regions will continue to see updates. The US/Indian version of the Nokia 6 Amazon won't be seeing an extension for quarterly updates, meaning updates for those phones will end in October 2019. And although the Nokia 2 was released a bit later than the 3, 5, and 6, Nokia is explicit that it will stop getting updates in November 2019 — sadly, the phone didn't manage to snag Android 9 Pie before the end.

Nokia originally promised two years of Android updates for its whole lineup of phones when they were launched in early 2017 (though we can't actually point you to a press release or announcement confirming the update duration from that time, the number has been frequently cited, even by Nokia). Of course, Google also requires that Android One phones receive at least two years of OS updates, and all Nokia phones from early last year on have been part of that program. Google also mandates a minimum of two years of updates in some of its OEM contracts starting this year and promises three years of updates for its own Pixels.

It remains to be seen if Nokia will extend this same additional year of updates to more recent phones when their time is up, but it's great to see an OEM stepping up like this when it comes to updates. From another perspective, it's sad that we're celebrating having a phone that's considered secure and usable for just three years, given how long Apple provides updates for iPhones. But between two years of monthly updates and an extra year of quarterly updates, Nokia does more for its devices than many other Android manufacturers do.