If your phone has the appropriate slot, MicroSD cards are a convenient way to expand your device's internal memory or transfer files to another handset. They might seem expensive, but you can snatch a Sandisk 512GB card for less than $90 thanks to this deal.

This card features UHS Speed Class 1 and A1 rating, which make it achieve transfer speeds of up to 100MB per second. This means you'll be able to move files and load apps quickly. The card is not as fast as A2 ones, though, but it's more than enough for Full HD video recording and storing photos.

The product comes with a ten-year warranty and a microSD to SD adapter. It was selling for about $150 before July and has now dropped under $90. We've linked to a third-party seller in the link below, as the order is fulfilled by Amazon and isn't subject to sales tax.