Congratulations on making it halfway through another week. Have some tech deals as a reward. Today, we've got a discount on Bose's Sleepbuds, plus smart plugs, an exclusive discount on Google's first-party USB-C charger, and more.

Bose Sleepbuds: $199 ($50 off)

  • Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds — $199, $50 off (Amazon)

Bose's Sleepbuds are actually pretty much what you'd think: battery-powered earplugs that actively mask the noise of the environment around you. It may sound goofy, but they're designed to be comfortable when worn lying down, and can even be set to wake you up at your desired time with an alarm. They also don't go on sale very often, making this discount a good reason to jump on them if you've been curious.

Anker Nebula Prizm: $60 ($27 off)

  • Anker Nebula Prizm projector — $59.99 with coupon, $27 off (Amazon)

Anker's first-generation Nebula Prizm projector might not be anything fancy, but it's easy on the eyes, and for 60 bucks, you're not gonna find many cheaper options. It doesn't run apps locally, but you can hook up a Chromecast or Roku device to complete the experience. Enter coupon code SD1PRIZM at checkout to get one for this price.

Google 18W USB-C charger: $12 ($8 off)

  • Google 18W USB-C charger — $11.99 with coupon, $8 off (Daily Steals)

Google's first-party 18W USB-C charger is a bit pricey direct from the Google Store at $35. You can find it elsewhere for about $20, but the fine folks at Daily Steals will do you one better: they have new, overstock units in brown box packaging for $12.99, and coupon code APCHAGR will save you an additional buck. They each also come with a USB-A-to-USB-C adapter.

TP-Link Smart Plug Mini two-pack: $25 ($21 off)

  • TP-Link Smart Plug Mini two-pack— $24.99, $21 off (B&H)

TP-Link's smart home stuff is capable and competitively priced. That's especially true when it's on sale: B&H has a two-pack of the company's low-profile Smart Plug Minis for just $25. That's almost half off the normal going rate.

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip: $70 ($10 off)

  • TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip  $69.99, $10 off (B&H)

If you've got more stuff you need to add some smarts to, though, check out this Wi-Fi-connected power strip. It's got six — count 'em, six — outlets, each of which is individually controllable. It also has three USB-A ports for powering smaller gadgets. It's usually $80, but it's $10 off today. That's less than $12 per outlet!