Dark mode has become one of the most requested features nowadays, and it only makes sense a growing number of companies are designing their apps accordingly. Following in the footsteps of Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, LinkedIn is reportedly working on a dark theme for its app.

Renowned leaker Jane Manchun Wong has fiddled with the app's code to uncover an unfinished dark mode, which appears to be in development as only a couple of screens are available in this interface. Based on the screenshot she posted on Twitter, it seems LinkedIn has made good progress in revamping its UI, as most icons are now shown in white over a dark grey background. Interestingly, some elements such as icons and text are still displayed in black, revealing there's still a little bit of tweaking to do before releasing this version to the public.

There's no timeline regarding the app's dark mode availability, as it can take a while to finish developing and testing it. It could be great for the company to roll it out next month, right after people come back from vacation. We'll keep you posted when it's officially released and as we learn more about its development.