Robots can handle a lot of your mundane household tasks, like vacuuming, mopping, and climate control — and with this neat system from Rachio, watering the lawn. Normally $150, you can pick one up for $100 at Woot, but only for today.

A smart sprinkler controller might seem frivolous, but it can actually help you save water (and, consequently, money) by monitoring the forecast and skipping scheduled waterings when it's raining or windy. You can set schedules right from your phone, and even control the system remotely with your phone, the Google Assistant, or Alexa, if you ever feel like your yard needs some water right now.

The units on offer are new, but they ship in non-retail brown box packaging. If you're into it, you'll need to pull the trigger today — this sale only lasts about 15 more hours (that's until 10 p.m., Pacific). Amazon Prime subscribers get free shipping.