Hue bulbs are among the best ones on the market, thanks to their reliability and compatibility with many third-party services such as Alexa, Assistant, IFFT, and many more. Unfortunately, they're also known for their relatively high price, but this deal on the color starter kit with two bulbs is a steal at just $78, almost 50% off their traditional MSRP.

The bundle includes two A19 60W smart bulbs that can produce 16 million colors and shades of white, and the Hue bridge, which is required to control them. To put things in perspective, the hub and lights cost about $50 each when bought separately, so you're saving quite a lot with this offer. The kit has dropped to $100 a few times in the past, but it hasn't received such a significant discount in a while.

If you're unfamiliar with the Hue ecosystem, it's compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and IFFT, among others. Thanks to the app, the bulbs can be programmed, dimmed, and even turned off automatically when you're not home based on your phone's location.

It was too good to last. Unfortunately, the bulbs are back at $129 with very little stock remaining.We're not sure if the price was an error to begin with or if Amazon sold stock faster than expected, but it sure was a pretty sweet deal