Controlling smart lights was one of the first useful features of Google Home, but the speakers sure do like to talk about what they're doing. Sometimes the verbal feedback is useful, but not so much when you're just turning off the lights like you do every day. Well, Google has finally recognized this is a problem. Soon, your Assistant speakers won't get so wordy when controlling lights.

Currently, Assistant always responds to light requests with a verbal confirmation like, "Okay, turning off 2 lights." That's completely unnecessary when the lights are turning off at the same time. From now on, Google Home will just chime to let you know it has processed your request as long as it's in the same room as the lights. This isn't only for turning lights off, but for all light actions like dimming, changing colors, and so on.

Google notes that smart lights will automatically get the new, quieter confirmations in the coming weeks. In addition, the same feature will apply to switches and plugs identified as lights in the Assistant settings. Now, all we need is an option to make Assistant do this for most other commands. Please, Google.

Now on all Assistant displays and speakers

The joy of silence is no longer exclusive to Google's hardware. The same silent light operation feature from Google Home devices is now live on all Assistant-powered speakers and displays. As long as the device is grouped in the same room in your account, Assistant won't speak to confirm light commands.

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  • Ibrahim Al-Alali