Samsung's reservation page for the "next generation of Galaxy" (i.e., the Galaxy Note10) just went live, and with it comes a table of trade-in values. Parties interested in swapping their old phone for Samsung's upcoming hardware can get up to $600 in value if they send in a Galaxy S10-series phone, iPhone X variant, or Pixel 3. Note that at the time of writing, that's full credit for a Pixel 3's as-new price.

Pixel trade-in values.

So far, the page only lists trade-in values for Google's devices (pictured above), Samsung's handsets, and Apple's iPhones. Only flagship-level devices from the last three or four years are listed. The oldest thing that will be accepted for trade-in is the iPhone 6S, which will net you a sizable $250 off. Humorously, that's more of a discount than the later Galaxy S7 or S8 will get you.

While Google, Samsung, and Apple's latest will net you $600 in credit, phones over about a year old fall off in trade-in value steeply, settling in around $300-200.

iPhone and Samsung trade-in values. 

You can also register for early access to the upcoming phone(s), opting you into future promotional emails from the company that ostensibly allows you to "select your phone color and storage options" early, though the registration process itself doesn't ask for that information.

If you do elect to jump on these trade-in offers, remember that Samsung has a documented history of not honoring these promotions to their fullest. While this is probably more of a value than you'd get trying to sell many of these phones used, there's always a risk you'll end up in the lurch without the credit you expected.

The full list of trade-in offers is below:


  • Pixel 3 - $600
  • Pixel 3 XL - $600
  • Pixel 2 - $300
  • Pixel 2 XL - $300
  • Pixel - $200
  • Pixel XL - $200


  • iPhone XR - $600
  • iPhone XS - $600
  • iPhone XS Max - $600
  • iPhone X - $600
  • iPhone 8 Plus - $300
  • iPhone 8 - $300
  • iPhone 7 Plus - $350
  • iPhone 7 - $300
  • iPhone 6S Plus - $200
  • iPhone 6S - $200


  • Galaxy S10e - $600
  • Galaxy S10 -  $600
  • Galaxy S10 Plus - $600
  • Galaxy Note 9 - $600
  • Galaxy S9 Plus - $300
  • Galaxy S9 - $300
  • Galaxy Note 8 - $300
  • Galaxy S8 Plus - $200
  • Galaxy S8 Active - $200
  • Galaxy S8 - $200
  • Galaxy S7 edge - $200
  • Galaxy S7 Active - $200
  • Galaxy S7 - $200

Samsung just gave potential Note10 shoppers — or at least those who are currently carrying around a recent-year, high-value smartphone — something to be happy about, with the publication of those pretty attractive trade-in values. But when it comes to information on unreleased phones, the leak gods giveth and the leak gods taketh away, and in this case it looks like someone at Samsung hit that "publish" button a tad early, as the company has since taken down its list of trade-in values.

Visit Samsung's Note10 reservation site right now, and while you'll still see a list of accepted trade-in handsets, all now feature the message "Special trade-in value
revealed on 8/7."

Of course, odds are that when August 7 rolls around we're just going to see the same prices that were already shared, so try to act surprised.

Trade-in values for the Galaxy S9 and other Samsung models have been increased

Good news if you own a Samsung phone and were considering trading it in for a Note10, as the price Samsung is offering for the Galaxy S9 ($350), S9 Plus ($350), and some other older devices has now been increased. Take a look at the new values below:

It's worth noting that those prices are only offered if you want an unlocked Note10 or Note10+ directly from Samsung. If you're after a carrier version, the maximum value is $450 for a recent flagship like the S10, rather than $600, and other model values are lowered accordingly. Head to the Samsung site to find out more, plus check out our post outlining the best pre-order deals.

Prices have fallen back down again for some of the trade-in values, so we have updated the numbers in this coverage.

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