LineageOS is one of the best custom ROMs around, with official support for dozens of phones and a few unique features. The last time we covered the project, it started offering builds for the Redmi Note 7 Pro, Huawei Honor 5X, and a few others. Since then, a whopping 13 phones are now receiving Pie builds, but there's some bad news for Xiaomi device owners.

First, here are all the newly-supported phones with LineageOS 16 Pie:

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) (a5y17lte)
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) (a7y17lte)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelte)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-I337) (jflteatt)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (SCH-R970, SPH-L720) (jfltespr)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon) (jfltevzw)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505/G, SGH-M919, SGH-I337M) (jfltexx)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (N9005/P) (hlte)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (N9008V) (hltechn)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (N900K/L/S) (hltekor)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (N900T/V/W8) (hltetmo)
  • HTC One (M8) (m8)
  • HTC One (M8) Dual SIM (m8d)

All of these were previously supported by earlier versions of Lineage, so it's nice to see them make a return. The Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7, HTC One M8, and some variants of the Galaxy S4 were previously dropped when Lineage ended Nougat (14.1) builds.

However, it's not all good news. LineageOS has temporarily stopped all builds for Xiaomi devices, due to a DMCA claim filed against the proprietary blobs (closed-source components required for all phone functions to work) created by the Bejing-based SenseTime. On Twitter, Lineage said the builds will be restored "once we've dealt with this."

Here's the full list of all affected devices:

The claim said the violating content was SenseTime's SDK for face unlock, so perhaps Xiaomi builds can resume once that component is removed. Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon.