Bill Nye (former Science Guy, current... science... guy) is back in the media with guest appearances on TV shows and his very own call-in and talk podcast on... what else? Science. And he's also giving some back-to-school tips for youngsters looking to pick up a new computer this summer: get a Chromebook instead.

In the three-minute video posted to the Chromebook YouTube page, Nye goes over some of the psychological blocks and behavioral economics that prevent people from moving away from something familiar to something new.

Through it all, he touts the ability for Chrome OS to boot up in (as fast as) 6 seconds, to get security patches easily, and to keep things stored in the cloud so that if things go wrong, you don't lose everything you've worked on. Well, at least that's what the guy says — we'll let our reviews do our talking.

Google is currently promoting three models: the Dell Inspiron Chromebook 2-in-1, the HP Chromebook 15 G1, and the Samsung Chromebook Plus. Not much love for the company's own Pixel Slate, there, but we see some obvious reasons for that.

It's certainly a crafty promo for something we like to cover here at Android Police, but it ain't no Last Week Tonight with John Oliver cameo.