Samsung's latest Galaxy Note10 was released just earlier this week, and this year the Note is a whole series of devices in two different sizes, with a 5G variant. The company's vision for the Note series has definitely changed, and it remains to be seen if public opinion has changed with it. But as the latest major Android phone to land, and with pre-orders formally open, we have to ask: Are you going to buy a Note10?

Note10 details leaked like a sieve in the months before the formal launch, and we generally got what we expected. Samsung's new Note packs a Snapdragon 855 chipset, paired with voluminous storage options from 256 to 512GB, 8-12GB of RAM, a triple camera setup, and 3500-4300mAh battery. There's plenty the new phones are lacking, too, like a headphone jack and microSD expandable storage on the smaller model.

Although there have been plenty of "hands-on" descriptions published — you can read ours here — actual reviews are lacking. For many of you, the ultimate decision might rest on the critical opinion of trusted reviewers. Still, with pre-order promotions promising additional discounts, the temptation and value of picking one up early may prove too great.

Have you made the thousand dollar plunge yet — perhaps taking advantage of early registration discounts, trade-in offers, and carrier promotions — or are you on the fence?

Will you be getting a Note10, Note10+, or Note10 5G?

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