Google's last Android tablet, the Pixel C, reached end-of-life back this June. Device owners can't rely on receiving regular security updates anymore, making the device more and more dangerous in daily use. Google doesn't appear to be completely done with the Pixel C, though. Some people have received an OTA, but it's not exactly clear what has changed.

Judging from the minor bump in version number (OPM8.190605.003 to .005), not too much is going on with the 8.1MB big update. It didn't even warrant a raise of the security patch level, which remains at June 2019. There is also no trace of this version at Google's OTA download page, which shows the OPM8.190605.003 June update as the most recent one.

We know that Google doesn't guarantee updates after three years of support, but that doesn't mean that it won't make any exceptions. Whatever was wrong with the Pixel C's software, it was apparently severe enough to warrant one last (?) OTA.

Google has just updated its OTA and factory image pages with links to this new release.

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  • Manoj Kasichainula