When I set up my smart home infrastructure, I went on an uncontrollable buying spree to make sure almost everything from the lights to the vacuum was connected. The Ecobee Switch+ is a neat all-in-one smart switch that comes with Alexa and a bunch of sensors, to avoid multiplying the number of smart things you buy. Given the number of things it can do, its initial $80 price was reasonable, but it's now dropped another $35, making quite an exciting deal.

The Switch+ is designed to replace a regular switch on the wall while offering many more features. First and foremost, it comes with Alexa built-in, so you can interact with Amazon's virtual assistant without the need to buy an additional Echo speaker. It also packs motion, brightness, and temperature sensors, so it can automatically turn the lights on when someone walks into a room or when it's dark. Thanks to its compatibility with IFTTT, HomeKit, and SmartThings, it can interact with other devices based on your needs; for instance, you can use the embedded temperature sensor to control your thermostat. Lastly, the built-in night light is convenient to find your way around the house when it's dark.

The Switch+ can be installed in about 45 minutes and doesn't require any technical skills to do so. Unfortunately, despite its catchy promise, some users have complained about its performance and mentioned it doesn't fully replace an actual Echo. It could still be worth it, especially if you place it in a hallway, but I probably wouldn't rely on it to be my living room speaker.