Google added Digital Wellbeing features to Android last year, but not all phones got them right away, and the feature set is a bit barebones. ActionDash can do everything from Digital Wellbeing, plus it has a ton of power-user features. This app just got an update today to v4.0 with even more ways to keep you from wasting time.

Here's a full changelog for the new update.

  • NEW: Focus mode schedules, allowing you to specify when focus mode automatically engages.
  • NEW: A new usage stats based "App usage enforcement" screen that displays when attempting to use a blocked app.
  • NEW: "App usage enforcement" options to configure the screen type that displays when attempting to use a blocked app. Defaults to "Usage stats", but the previous meme based screen is available as an option.
  • NEW: A countdown screen displays when attempting to disable focus mode when a schedule is running as a means of discouraging toggling focus mode off too easily in times you should be focusing.
  • NEW: Option to have your usage stats automatically backup to Google Drive daily.
  • NEW: App defaults to using 24 hour time for non-English speaking languages. This can always be changed via the settings.
  • NEW: Usage Assistant and daily usage notification use different notification icons.
  • NEW: 🇩🇪, 🇮🇳 and 🇷🇺 translations.
  • IMPROVEMENT: App icons no longer appear clipped on daily usage notification.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Smaller APK size.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Refined toolbar UI which prioritizes the settings icon.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.

Focus mode is ActionDash's way of keeping you from wasting time in apps. Which apps? Whichever ones you want. The new update lets you schedule focus mode to activate and deactivate automatically. When you try to open a blocked app, ActionDash will also offer stats instead of a meme. You can still turn on the meme, though. For users of Action Launcher, blocked apps were already grayed out. Now, the app shortcut menu lists the reason (focus mode rule) for the block. For best results, you'll need Action Launcher v43.