We all like to follow certain podcasts because they present content you expect in a way you can expect. But what if you just need a crash course on a topic? It used to be that you couldn't just put in a search term as you could on YouTube and grab a variety of shows about a certain topic or featuring a certain person. It is the case now, though — you can use Google search to find people and topics on podcasts.

When you search with terms like "podcasts with Bill Hader" or "podcasts about cities," you'll now see a new Podcasts module with a carousel of episodes from various shows.

Playing an episode will take you to either the Google Podcasts app or its web portal where you'll see the episode description, metadata, playback controls, and the typical other bits you'd find in such an interface.

Google says it intends to evolve podcast search so that the module may appear without users having to insert "podcast" into their queries. Expect this feature to come into the Google Podcasts fold as well as Google Assistant — you'll be able to use your Google Home or other Assistant speaker to get a mix of podcasts about... I dunno, the World's Fair? The Chicago Haymarket riot? Your choice.