The latest Google Maps update to version 10.22.1 brings a new navigation interface. Although at first glance it only seems like a visual update, there's also a functional improvement: you can now tap to see upcoming steps and turns in your drive.

Instead of the edge-to-edge green banner on top that shows the next step, there's now a darker green floating rectangle with rounded corners. The font is also changed, though I'm not a huge fan. It's still way too big and looks a little cramped in some instances, but maybe that's better for readability when driving.

Left: Old UI. Right: New UI.

Tapping the green banner didn't do anything before, but now it expands to show one or two upcoming turns or steps. There's also a more user-friendly "Show routes" button. It's a duplicate of the button you find in the bottom white bar while navigating, but the labeling helps in knowing what it does.

Left: New UI expanded. Right: Showing all routes.

To get this new interface, you need to be running version 10.22.1 of Maps, which is available on the Play Store as well as APK Mirror.

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