Google might have shut down its Trips app, but it is far from giving up on acting as your online travel broker. It has just revamped its hotel search process on its new Travel site and is now offering better price-tracking on Google Flights. On top of this, for a very limited time, if the price for your trip drops anytime from when you book to when you take off, the company will refund you the difference.

The company is now directing pretty much all itinerary activity to its hub, which means you can plan out your trip by taking a look at some of the neighborhoods you might want to visit and getting personalized lodging results — you may even be suggested a place you've stayed at before.

On the Google Flights front, the price-tracking chart has been updated to include specific figures for an itinerary, showing whether the current lowest fares are cheap, expensive, or typical for the season.

To bring in all of these changes, Google is offering a price guarantee for certain flights booked between August 13 and September 2 for U.S.-based domestic or international travel that's completed by November 24. If Google claims that it does not expect the price for your trip to drop by the time you fly, if the fare actually does fall, the company will automatically compensate you the difference. You're able to be refunded for any number of guaranteed flights with a maximum payout of $500 — just make sure you check that the price guarantee applies to your route.

You can check out the details here and see the full terms and conditions here. Safe travels!