Samsung Internet is one of the best web browsers available for Android, thanks to its speedy Chromium-based engine and impressive feature base. Version 9.4 arrived last month, and now a beta release of Samsung Internet v10 is now available.

There isn't an announcement post yet on the Samsung Internet development blog, and there don't appear to be any new visible features, but a simple check of the user agent (or changelog) confirms v10 uses a newer version of Chromium. While Samsung Internet v9.4 was based on Chromium v67, which is now over a year old, the beta uses a newer Chromium v71 base.

This means most of the new engine-level changes in Chrome 68, 69, 70, and 71 have finally arrived in Samsung Internet. Frames that hijack the parent page and force a redirect are finally blocked, HTTP pages now have a warning in the address bar, and there are some changes to autoplay behavior.

Samsung Internet Beta is available from the Play Store below, but if v10 hasn't rolled out to you yet, you can also grab it from APKMirror.